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February 2020


The changes made to this kitchen were geared towards the needs of the client. The client wanted to match the style of the kitchen to that of the house, add work and storage space and thus expand her kitchen.

The house is mainly modern in style with its white walls and the choice of modern furniture with Scandinavian accents. A touch of traditional is present in the house through the moldings, the tiles in the large central window and in most of the glass doors, as well as a very large number of turned stair rails in natural wood. The style of cabinet doors chosen as well as the cornices had a small molding that resembled the profiles found elsewhere in the house.

A modern aspect to the kitchen has been preserved by the choice of handles, the fairly wide matte ceramic tile and the color palette predominantly of white and neutral tones.

The decorative kitchen items chosen echo the rest of the Scandinavian-style elements found elsewhere on the ground floor. Natural elements in wood or slate, handcrafted porcelain in earthy tones were all items the client already had in her possession.

In order to enlarge the workspace, the wall separating the kitchen and the dining room has been cut by 20 inches. This removal made it possible to add 10 inches of counter and 8 inches of cabinet to the central island and to add storage space. This counter-level addition also offered the possibility of incorporating a double sink. The lunch counter attached to the island has been modified to accommodate two benches rather than one while remaining compact and ergonomic thanks to its round shape.

Still with a view to adding surface, 8 inches of countertop could be added to the module adjacent to the patio door. A “butcher block” type board belonging to the customer was reused as an extension to the kitchen work counter.

In addition, the fact of having mounted the cabinets to the top gives an impression of size and allowed the customer to have more storage for items used occasionally. The fact of having put shelves above the stove also gives the impression that the kitchen is bigger.

In order to make the space more functional and ergonomic, additions to the storage style have been made: spice drawer, storage drawers for pots and dishes for preparation and cooking, storage cabinets for cooking plates and cooking boards. cup, sliding bins in some cabinets, Le Man corner, etc.

These small changes may seem trivial, but have had a big impact on the client's quality of life. The additional counter space allows the customer to cook with her husband. Something that was impossible before since they walked too much on each other.

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